Your CPO

Meet Your Chief Prosperity Officer®

As your Chief Prosperity Officer® our job is translating your wealth into goals attained.
That requires a broader view than just investments or beating the market.
Your Chief Prosperity Officer® develops the master plan to ensure your various financial components work together to support all that you wish to accomplish in this lifetime.  And beyond.

Experts in Comprehensive Wealth Management

Your Chief Prosperity Officer® brings comprehensive oversight to functions that previously may not have been adequately coordinated:

  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Advisor
  • Insurance Broker
  • Tax Accountant
  • Trust Attorney, and more.

Too often these roles function independently and are unaware what the others are doing for you.
Your Chief Prosperity Officer® coordinates all these to eliminate costly overlaps and close alarming gaps.

Working for You, Not Institutions

New clients often share that they assumed their previous advisor was providing comprehensive wealth management.
Then they discovered they were merely being sold a proprietary collection of investment and insurance products.

Working on a fee-only basis, your Chief Prosperity Officer® serves you as:

  1. Advisor, not salesperson.This means a dedication to outcomes not commissions.
  2. Independent, not institutional. Our entire firm is product-neutral. We are not restricted to and do not promote limited institutional packages.

It’s all about assembling the right tools to target your specific objectives.

Imagine having your own Chief Prosperity Officer®, solely dedicated to translating your wealth into goals attained.

Better yet, experience it for yourself.

“I have been working with Mark and FDP for 25 years. I find their Financial Blueprint especially helpful with my retirement planning. It gives me confidence that my family and I will have the financial resources necessary to live the retirement we envision.”
Prosperity Partners client, formerly FDP

(unpaid testimonial, 1/25/22)

Because you should always know what your wealth is doing for you.