Exit Strategies

The Biggest Sale You’ll Ever Make

Your business just might be your most sizable asset. With all the time and effort you invest in building and growing it, have you stopped to ask yourself:

  • Can I tap into its value if needed?
  • Will it provide the income and liquidity I need to retire?
  • If I want to sell, how can I get the best price and terms?
  • What transition plans are in place if I have a health emergency?


Growing With a Purpose

As your Chief Prosperity Officer® our first goal is to help you navigate risks, grow your business and protect your assets.

But growth should lead to more than just accumulation. Prosperity Partners also has 40 years of experience helping business owners with:

  • Succession planning
  • Improving the valuation of your business
  • Evaluating exit alternatives
  • Preparing for liquidity events
  • Considering types of buyers
  • Structuring the deal

To learn more about how we can help, read the Prosperity Partners Strategy Article: How to Best Position Your Company for Sale.


Start Planning Early

Whether you may retire or work until your last day, it’s wise to have a plan for the future – and contingencies for the unexpected.

The information is provided as a financial planning tool/solution to business owners and is designed to offer valuable education and insight to the myriad decisions that should be considered when planning to exit a closely held business. Prosperity Partners does not participate in the actual sale of private businesses.

Free Exit Preparedness Assessment

In just 5 minutes our 18-point evaluation helps you assess your readiness, including:

  • Owner Objectives
  • Maximizing Business Value
  • Ownership Transfers
  • Business Continuity

We’ll email you a report that evaluates your answers and offers you ideas about how you can move forward.

Let Prosperity Partners help you plan what’s next for your business AND yourself.