Our Construction Industry Clients

Being dedicated to construction, you know the personal satisfaction of helping to build the backbone of America. You likely are also on a first-name basis with the hard work and risk this industry demands.

Taking the Long View

As your Chief Prosperity Officer® we help you navigate risks, grow and protect your business, and plan for the long haul. We offer specific strategies to help you with:

  • Retaining Key Employees
  • Reducing taxes
  • Protecting assets
  • Creating liquidity outside of your business
  • Succession planning
  • Preparing for liquidity events
  • Evaluating exit alternatives, including
    • Liquidation
    • Sale to Third Party
    • Sale to Management
    • Transition to ESOP

Envision Your Future

In addition to insights to help your construction business thrive, we’re also here to help you personally prepare for future endeavors you may want to undertake. That’s true whether you have us complete a comprehensive Financial Blueprint or engage us on a project-by-project basis.

You can’t literally see the future – but we can help you envision it. We start by exploring all the possibilities your hard-earned wealth can potentially offer you. Then we help you in the pursuit of turning those possibilities into a reality.


Navigating Construction “Externals”

Prosperity Partners’ Construction-Related Strategies

Our decades of working with owners of construction firms has allowed us to develop unique solutions tailored for the industry. These include:

  • Current Asset Maximizer – unique approaches to meet bonding liquidity requirements but still earn interest on Working Capital.
  • Key Employee Preserver – an economical but effective ‘Golden Handcuff’ reward strategy your competitors simply can’t match.
  • Exit Planning Optimizer – our method for comparing the financial impact of each alternative available for you to exit a business.


Learn how we can help you build and grow.