Prosperity Now, Plus Lasting Security

As your Chief Prosperity Officer® our objective is more than just growing your wealth. We want to ensure that your success provides for you and your loved ones – not only during the high points of your career but well into the future.
We offer specific strategies to help you with:

  • Managing swings in income
  • Balancing current lifestyle with future needs
  • Being the CEO of your own brand
  • Building a wealth team independent of your career managers
  • Protecting assets
  • Avoiding frivolous lawsuits
  • Dealing with acquaintance requests for loans or investing
  • Guarding against the impacts of taxation, divorce & bad investments


Being CEO of Your Own Brand

You likely have a team of people who support your career. But they also rely on you for their livelihood. In effect, that makes you a corporate executive off the field or off-stage.

Smart public figures today know that the money is too big and the issues too complex for an agent to handle it all. The truly savvy organize a business team to watch over their wealth, independent of those managing their career.

Any high-powered career experiences income swings. But solid wealth management from a team you can trust helps offset those uncertainties.

As your Chief Prosperity Officer® we report directly to YOU, making us solely dedicated to translating your wealth into the things that matter most to you.



Wealth Challenges of Sports & Entertainment Figures

Imagine a peace of mind that lets you focus on your performance.