NextGen Advisory Services

Leave a Legacy of Wisdom

Inherited wealth often comes in a moment’s notice.

This leaves little or no time for your children to learn the fundamentals and acquire the skills to manage wealth as effectively as you have during your lifetime.

How can you best prepare them for the opportunities and risks that wealth offers?

Enter Prosperity Partners NextGen Advisory Services to put your child at a distinct advantage in the world.

We believe no college can provide this level of hands-on education.


NextGen Guidance

An expertly guided process, these highly focused one-on one meetings prepare your child to think and act like a high net-worth individual now, before they have spent a lifetime accumulating wealth.

Your child will:

  • Learn investment fundamentals and key risk management strategies, including the role of insurance.
  • Practice the vital skill of utilizing the knowledge of specialists.
  • Actively begin prudent investing. Prosperity Partners will waive our minimum account size requirements for the children of our clients who take advantage of this service.


Your Role

We meet with you upfront and discuss what information (if any) you want your children to know about the wealth and estate planning you have already completed with us.

From there, most clients will generally gift a modest amount for each child into an account of their own. This gets them started on overseeing an investment account – receiving and reviewing statements, meeting regularly with an advisor to discuss the current investment environment, and keeping an eye on the economic outlook.

The process opens their minds to the world of financial management. It is a continuous process that over time brings the values of your children into alignment with your own.


Creating Value-Driven Heirs

Our goal in offering this complimentary service is to equip your children with the knowledge and tools to manage wealth as purposefully as you have.

At Prosperity Partners the success of your family is a natural extension of your relationship with us.


Leaving a Value-Driven Inheritance

Allow us to help prepare your heirs to succeed.