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FDP is focused solely on strategies tailored for high net-worth clients, their businesses, families, and foundations. Learn more about:

— Including entrepreneurs, professional athletes and entertainers.

— Closely-held companies concerned with growth, succession plans or marketability.

— Company owners accustomed to the hard work and risk of the construction industry.

— Sports and Entertainment figures with unique wealth challenges.

— Heirs navigating either long-planned or sudden wealth.

— Our unique approach to inter-generational planning and stability.

“I have been working with Mark and FDP for 25 years. I find their Financial Blueprint especially helpful with my retirement planning. It gives me confidence that my family and I will have the financial resources necessary to live the retirement we envision.”
FDP Client

(unpaid testimonial, 1/25/22)

Tapping Our Advisor Network

FDP clients enjoy the distinct advantages of our participation in a unique roundtable of specialty advisory firms like ours across the country.

Essentially a think-tank for the exclusive benefit of high net-worth clients, this mastermind group gathers 3-4 times per year. Together we collaborate on innovative strategies and share our best practices for wealth retention and growth in light of global economic developments.

Our commitment to continual refinement and innovation is why succeeding generations of our clients have come to rely on FDP to help them earn more, keep more, and gift more.

Your wealth is no accident. Neither is keeping it.




How Do Investors Spell Relief?

Investors celebrated an ‘in line with expectations’ CPI that suggested the rate of inflation isn’t accelerating. It’s a small win, but it was enough to send the three major market indexes, the Dow, the Nasdaq, and the S&P 500 to new highs.

An Annual Ritual at the Gas Pump

You’re right if you have this nagging feeling that gas prices rise in the spring. As the graphic illustrates, on average prices rise through Memorial Day, plateau over the summer, and slip in the fall. This year is no exception, as prices echo the seasonal pattern.

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